Straight curved system-1

Through this product is included in the flat sloping systems group, protected from bad weather four seasons of the year you can enjoy the outdoors. Our system of precipitation, land, sunlight, that the Beaufort wind force scale 11 117km / h is rapidly resistant to blowing a gale.
Aluminum extrusion parts of the system to achieve a high efficiency in the use of open space are painted with electrostatic powder coating method. All bolts, of high quality in order to prolong the lifetime of screws and pins are made of stainless steel.
System -1 in use and can be carried forward to opening up to 5 meters. Shaped by the module size and space requirements up to 13 meters to the desired size can be selected. Thus, in a single unit 65m2 ‘eat kadarlık are subject to the use of an area.
Automation and intelligent control in the Somfy system operation at high speed using the product is provided. The same control system with LED-TEC lighting management can be realized. Adjust the intensity of the light field is integrated dimmer system also offer the opportunity to our users.
Our fabric blackout moving the ceiling is of German origin; flame execution to, the temperature at the highest level due to water and light-proof properties, moisture content remains stable.

Technical Drawing